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If you prefer to speak directly to the osteopath to address your individual needs, please call the clinic on 02 9977 7888. 


How we may help  

A well-established system of healthcare, osteopathy aims to optimise the structure and function of the body. By treating muscles, joints and even organs, the tissues of the body may become more aligned and find relief from the strain of imbalance.  

To help your body to function better, osteopathy also seeks to address weaknesses in the mechanics of movement, digestion and breathing so that the body can coordinate all of its working parts into a more seamless whole.


What people typically present with



Neck and back pain, sciatic pain, stiff joints.



Acute sprains, chronic injuries.



Slumping, curvatures of the spine, dropped foot arches.



Bloating, constipation, irritable bowel.



Shallow respiration, rib pain.



Tension in shoulders, abdomen, jaw and headaches.  



Hands and feet swelling, tingling in the wrist/hand.



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"It is impossible to separate "mental" and "physical" processes in any form of human activity."